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Sparrow – Built for Communicators

What’s the difference between marketing and corporate communications? Both seek to get the right message, to the right audience, on the right channels, and to measure every interaction. The difference? Years ago, platforms came along that transformed marketing and earned it a seat at the leadership table. Now, Sparrow is doing the same for corporate communications.

Your Time is Valuable to us.

We’re all about helping get the right information, to the right people, the way they need and as quickly as possible. 

Products and Features

When you want to get into some of the details, this is the place to go. Do we connect to your intranet? Do we have mobile? Yes, and more.

Info Journey

Are you looking for good resources and helpful ideas to support you put a plan together or maybe educate you more? We’ve got some resources to help.

Fun and Helpful Videos

Sometimes it’s better to see than read, and sometimes it’s fun to hear a perspective when it’s got some cheek and silly voices. Either way, we have you covered.

No More Half-Measures

After many iterations of Intranets, and many different initiatives, the facts remain the same today as they have for years.


Avg % of Disengaged Employees


Avg % of Users Don't Use Intranet Daily

Avg Cost of a Disengaged Employee per year

Avg. Days to Deploy Sparrow

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Every Sparrow customer has a story

We transform their communications, while they transform the world

We build high-schools

and we’re a Sparrow customer.

“Since putting in Sparrow, our employees feel a lot more connected and informed,” Sr. Manager – Employment, Business, and Information Systems

nurse and kid

We save lives and further research

and we’re a Sparrow customer.

“[Our Sparrow Intranet and mobile] has proven invaluable during our response to COVID-19. It’s the recognized spot for getting valid info,” Manager of Corporate Communications

We get kids to school safely

and we’re a Sparrow customer.

“Sparrow provides us with an avenue to inform, empower and engage our employees and foster connections across the entire organization,” Senior Communications Specialist, Communications Centre of Excellence

We help power the world

and we’re a Sparrow customer.

“Strong communications to our global workforce continues to be a key driver of our success. Sparrow is an integral piece to our internal communication efforts,”  Communications Manager

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Sparrow - Built for Communicators

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