The communications channel that employees love to read.

Sparrow provides employees with the information they need, when they need it, on the device they use most.

What is Sparrow?

An Internal Communications Tool

Sparrow is a mobile app that securely sends targeted corporate communications to employee mobile devices. Your entire team can now receive the information that is most important to them, when they want to receive it, on their own personal device.

A Rich Analytics Dashboard

Understand employee engagement like never before. Sparrow’s analytics empower management teams to quantify and measure engagement and communications performance from specific article consumption and reach to high-level topic awareness and more.

A Catalyst for Improvement

Make thoughtful, educated changes to the information you communicate and the methods you use.

Sparrow is a mobile communication platform that benefits your entire organization:

Keep employees informed of company news and updates, whether on the go, at home or in-between tasks.

Drive applicant referrals of interested and qualified candidates.

Raise brand awareness by your most important asset – your employees, drive traffic and conversions.

Increase safety awareness to prevent recordable incidents.

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Core Features

Mobile Application

Available anywhere, anytime, Sparrows easy-to-use interface pushes communication from the company intranet and other platforms to employee mobile devices.


Targeted Communications

Send signal, not noise. Communications are targeted by personalized channels to define the information most important to each user.


Notifications and Alerts

Don’t miss a beat. Leveraging push-notifications and respectful priority-based alerts, Sparrow notifies users whenever relevant information becomes available.

Multi-System Integration

Utilize as a stand-alone publishing platform or integrate Sparrow with existing systems such as SharePoint, Oracle, Dynamics, OpenText or SAP.

Content Consumption Heuristics

Sparrow provides sophisticated analysis of how end-users are engaging with specific pieces of content to empower proactive communications management.

Real-Time Micro-Dashboards

Sparrow automatically consolidates information from disparate systems and presents on an easy-to-consume micro-dashboard.

Sparrow At Work

Finning uses Sparrow to open communication channels with employees working in field based positions, gaining opportunities to inform and engage wherever they may be working.


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