We Believe in the Power of Workforce Communications

At Sparrow, we believe communicators are storytellers who draw us in, they are weavers who stitch us together into a greater whole, and they are the ones who shine a beacon so we can all see the organization’s path. We see this belief as having three key pieces:

  • Workforce communications is fundamental to what makes some companies good and others amazing.
  • Communicators are generally overworked and under-appreciated.
  • It is time for workforce communications to have a seat at the executive table but earning that seat will not happen without a digital platform specifically designed for the unique needs of workforce communications.

For too long, product companies have blended collaboration and communication features into their products. The results predictably fell short, with communicators struggling to effectively share key messages with the right employees and lacking the analytics to prove to the organization the value they were delivering.

Marketing professionals, on the other hand, have had tools specifically designed for them for over a decade, advancing the profession and earning them a seat at the executive table. This happened because one day someone said it needed to change. At Sparrow, we’re changing this for workforce communications. We want to help earn that seat at the table. We want to put that smirk on comms’ face when they hear someone from a different company ask, “Why are you guys so much more effective than us? How do you have half the attrition?” We want to be workforce communications’ super-power.

Sparrow is a Canadian startup, one that started incubating as far back as 2015 in the warm nest of DevFacto Consulting. There we wobbled around, as an egg, until in early 2019 we emerged and won an innovation award from Clearbox Consulting (an organization that reviews Intranet solutions). As we started to quickly define our market space and take on customers, we grew in strength and ambition. By the latter half of 2020, we took flight out our own – as one of the fastest growing Startups in Canada.

Our platform has won several awards and has been featured in:

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Our needs change often so please watch this section or send us your unsolicited resume and cover letter. We love hearing from you but keep in mind that due to the volume of applicants, we only respond to those with exceptional resumes and well-crafted letters that are driven, smart, humble, and ambitious enough to want to change the world. We have a team that believes strongly in diversity in all forms, so we got you.

Our Founders

Chris Izquierdo

Chris Izquierdo - CEO

Chris believes that anyone with an idea can change the world. Prior to starting Sparrow, Chris worked on startups and consulting companies such as Avanade, DevFacto and Time Industrial and among other things was awarded two patents for multidimensional search algorithms and content targeting. From this diverse background, he identified an opportunity to build a different type of corporate communication platform, an omnichannel platform that treats corporate communication as first-class citizens. With Sparrow, Chris aims to change corporate communication forever.

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Adam Zouak

Adam Zouak - CTO

When we look back on the events that lead to Adam and Chris sitting down in early 2019 to talk about Adam taking over the cold egg that was Sparrow, it honestly looks contrived. The 12x author, ex-Microsoftie, ex-Silicon Valley, long time solution architect, and Red-Bull meets a Super-Ball imaginer has a deep passion for product and people. They sat down as strangers, and four hours later, they stood up ready to take over the world together.

Adam has a deep passion for bringing ideas to life and helping people realize their potential. 


Our Amazing Team!

We have an amazing team at Sparrow. They transform madness into poetry and are committed to the success of our clients. And unlike Chris and Adam, not everyone appreciates the spotlight.

Sparrow connects thousands of employees in a myriad of industries across North America.





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