What’s in a Name? The Magic of the Sparrow

Why sparrow? It’s easy to take a sparrow for granted. Sometimes the same sentiment applies to internal communication. The truth is communication exists in organizations whether it’s strategically managed and measured or not.

The Call to Action: You Can Get What You Want

Sparrow Posts not only give you a way to communicate, they also let you get reader reactions and even ask them to perform certain tasks. A “Call to Action” and is simply the part of your post (or video) in which you explain to the reader what you need them to do once...

Judging Post Readability: Making Your Posts Read Easier

How readable your posts are can make a big difference in whether or not your posts continue to be read. If your posts are too difficult to read, people may not want to open your posts. On the other hand, if your make your posts too simple, readers might not get enough value from your content to continue reading your future posts. Fortunately, tools exist that can help you judge your post readability and adjust it to best suit the needs of your readers.

Post Bodies That are Good Enough for Beach Wear

The body of your Sparrow post is the vehicle that carries your message to your readers. Writing effective post content is a matter of considering your readers needs and adjusting your content and presentation to suit them. This article contains advice designed to help your create post content that is written with the reader’s specific needs in mind.

Congruence – Delivering on Expectations

People like things to male sense, and your post readers are no exception. What this means to you, as a post author, is that your post elements of image, title, content and call to action, all fit together and deliver a congruent message. In this article, you’ll learn the importance of congruence and how to craft Sparrow posts that will deliver on reader expectations.

Writing a Post Title That Can’t Be Ignored

Together with the post image, your post title has the job of compelling the reader to open and read your post. This is often referred to as “Selling the open” and it applies to marketing, advertising and communications of all kinds. Like everything else you write, you...

Positive Post Images – Encouraging Post Opens

Sparrow allows you to add a main image to each of your posts, and the experienced post author knows that the image can be one of the most important elements in enticing readers to open the post. In this article you will learn why the post image is so important and what you should do to choose post images that get your readers to consistently open your posts.

Attention Grabbing Post Images

Attention grabbing post images help to “sell the open” and encourage users to open and read your posts. Choosing a great post image isn’t something that just happens. Image selection should be done purposefully, and this article will help you select attention grabbing post images that pique the reader’s interest and compel him or her to open your post.

Sparrow Post Structure and Components

Learn about the components of a Sparrow Post and the purpose that each has in communicating with your readers. By understanding the role that each post component plays, you can write posts that more effectively engage your readers.



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