Let Your Career Take Flight

We believe people matter

Our product helps communication professionals connect and engage with every member of their workforce, because every member of a team matters.

At Sparrow, we believe in the capacity for every team member to make a difference. We believe in:

  • Being the mentor you wish you’d had
  • Asking for help is strength
  • Diversity and differences feed greatness
  • Everyone’s ideas have merit
  • A quality and growth mindset is invaluable
  • Health and Family first – by taking care of you, we take care of our whole team and of our customers.

Teams & Open Roles

Customer Success

Customer Success Lead (posting coming soon)
Customer Success Tech Specialist (posting coming soon)

Remote and Office Life

We know that while the rest of the world may have just caught on to the benefits of working remotely, it’s a norm for us. That said, we still look forward to being able to get together and share a meal as a team, or cover a whiteboard (or ten) in ideas where and when possible. So if you’re in Calgary or Edmonton, great. Otherwise, as long as you have the bandwidth and we can align our hours, we’re golden.

Perks & Benefits

At Sparrow, you’ll get to work with amazing people on amazing things. We believe strongly in being the mentors we wish we’d had, in having everyone engage and bring their ideas forward, and in having a diversified team so that we get the best out of everyone.

We also have some great perks and benefits with more on the way!

Remote Work

Work from home. If you’ve got bandwidth, why have a commute? We recognize this isn’t for everyone, but for some of us it’s a definite perk.


Group benefits because we believe strongly in taking care of health and family.

Stock Options

Stock options that when we became that billion-dollar unicorn start-up will be worth MAD MONEY.

Competitive Salary

While every dollar counts at any startup, we know money matters.

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