As the iconic Bob Dylan once said, “Times they are a-changing.” A recent study sponsored by Citrix revealed that “91 percent of organizations plan to have a mobile workforce strategy and the average organization already has only seven desks for ten people.” Work is no longer someplace you go. It’s something you do.

The shift to mobile technology is quickly becoming a reality. With this quantum change in the way that work gets done comes both challenge and opportunity.

Strong internal communication has a halo effect on all business operations. With a mobile and remote workforce how will senior executives and internal communication professionals ensure that all employees receive, read and respond to critical business information? How is successful communication measured and where can the data that informs strategic planning be found?

Giving field workers, remote employees and managers access to the most up-to-date, real-time information needs to be seamless to enhance efficiency, productivity, engagement and advocacy.

“The workplace of the future will be core to business strategy, where adopting the right technology and putting the right policies in place will be key to organizational success. Companies will build and protect amazing cultures that foster diversity, collaboration and innovation while supporting work-life balance and offering employees an element of choice in workplaces and devices.” – Workplace of the Future Study

The formula for the future of the workplace is one person using an average of six devices to do their work and a reduction in the number of desks that sees people shift to more convenient times and locations. Increasingly, employees are bringing their own device (BYOD) and adopting mobile apps.

According to the Apperian Mobile Enterprise Application Survey:

Mobilizing business processes is key:

  • 53% are creating apps to address core business processes, which includes internal app development or partners developing apps
  • 49% of respondents believe training is crucial
  • 43% of respondents are interested in analytics, which indicates that organizations are looking for more metrics about their mobility programs

Here comes Sparrow

Meet Sparrow. Sparrow is an internal communication app that that consolidates existing platforms, makes it easy to post information once across all channels, provides social interaction tools and back end measurement analytics to inform strategic planning. Sparrow brings the best of both worlds into the workplace. It is a hard working business app that distributes and measures the impact of communication. It is an amiable social app that provides choice, social icons and enables employee advocacy. Sparrow-Android-and-iOS

Sparrow is different from its competitors because it is multi-functional, designed to capture the right analytics that measure against best practices in internal communication. Real time data tells the planner whether posts are being skimmed or read, whether they build awareness and understanding, and whether they motivate employees to share success stories. Sparrow will tell you what headlines draw attention and whether or not employees are reading business critical information.

While all employees benefit from the use of mobile apps in the workplace, field workers in particular stand to gain the most. Mobile apps trigger seamless interaction and collaboration. They keep all employees in the know about the company direction, decision making and connect to that all-important line of sight.


Talk with us about the benefits that Sparrow can bring to your organization

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This post was originally written by Claire Watson, ABC, MC.