Sparrow Crisis Center for Microsoft Teams

Complete workplace emergency response and employee safety tracking solution

Sparrow Crisis Center is a Microsoft Teams native app for tracking employee safety and communicating with your employees during emergencies. As a vital component of your emergency action plan, Sparrow Crisis Centre sends emergency alert notifications and monitors employee safety via Microsoft Teams. Use it to account for employees during and after a safety incident. Maintain two-way communication with employees or employee groups during a crisis. Run drills to ensure your organization is ready in the event of an emergency. Easily target departments, groups, offices and regions.

Employee safety and emergency communication app

Sparrow Crisis Centre has everything you need to prepare for a workplace emergency and take action during a crisis. 



Targeted Alerts

Send instant alerts to targeted employee groups, departments, locations and individuals.


Geolocation Tracking

Confirm your team members’ whereabouts via geolocation sharing.


Easy Status Confirmation

Quickly confirm that employees are safe. Team members can easily respond to alerts via MS Teams Chat and Text Message (SMS).


Broadcast Alerts

Send one-way emergency notifications and alerts to your organization.


Incident Report

Account for employees during and after an incident with a bird-eye view report. Easily compile detailed incidents report in PDF format that can be archived and saved as records of how the organization handles incidents.


Customizable Responses

Deliver instructions based on the response to your alert.


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Up to 10000 Users

$10 000

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Emergency action plan – what you need to know

“An accident just happened near our office. Are our employees OK? Do we know where they are?”
These questions need rapid answers, even though we hope we will never have to ask them.
Here is what you need to know about accounting for your employees during and after an emergency.


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