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Sparrow's Beginnings

DevFacto Technologies launched in 2007 with a single mantra: “Happy Employees Create Happy Customers.” By creating and maintaining an exceptional workspace and award-winning culture, we knew that our team members would look forward to coming to work and would feel empowered to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

As our business grew, it became difficult to discern if our entire team was receiving the messages they were supposed to, if they were engaged in those messages, and if they still felt connected to the organization as a whole.

Building Connections at Delnor Construction

For over 30 years, Delnor has provided professional construction services to a wide range of organizations and institutions across Alberta. Their business philosophy is to build relationships, not just buildings, and that philosophy drove them to choose Sparrow for better connecting their entire organization.

Engaging Remote Employees at Pacific Western Transportation

Over 60 years of operations, Pacific Western Transportation (PWT) has grown to become Canada’s largest privately-owned people transportation company. Each day, its 14 regional subsidiaries transport thousands of students, commuters, travelers and workforce in five Canadian provinces and territories. However, this scale and diversity of operations posed a communication challenge for the company: drivers and other front line staff, who make up the majority of PWT’s 5,000+ employees, work remotely and had limited opportunity to interact with the parent organization.

A New-Generation Intranet at Tervita

Through the development of a next-generation Sparrow intranet, Tervita began their journey towards building a digital workplace that delivers value, facilitates communication, and fosters connection to all employees, wherever they might be working.

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