How Sparrow brings DevFacto together.

The Evolution of Engagement

DevFacto Technologies launched in 2007 with a single mantra: “Happy Employees Create Happy Customers.” By creating and maintaining an exceptional workspace and award-winning culture, we knew that our team members would look forward to coming to work every day and would feel empowered to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

As our business grew, the DevFacto team increased to include over 75 employees working in three cities, some in DevFacto offices, some from client sites, and others working remotely or from home. The typical lines of communication such as in-person meetings, video calls and e-mail began to fail as they were not scalable and lacked a way to measure engagement and effectiveness. It became difficult to discern if our entire team was receiving the messages they were supposed to, if they were engaged in those messages, and if they still felt connected to the organization as a whole.

For years, DevFacto had been recognized for exceptional employee engagement, but as our team grew, we felt that the company was slowly becoming the type of business we feared most.

A Change of Direction

Despite above-industry-average engagement rates, DevFacto was starting to become the type of company we feared most. In 2015, as we continued to grow at a rapid pace, our sense of “close-knit-team” and connection was at risk of being lost.

  • 2014 Employee Engagement Score 87% 87%
  • 2015 Employee Engagement Score 79% 79%

The Sparrow Concept

As a result, we started talking to our customers about this challenge and quickly realized that we weren’t alone. Some of our larger clients had serious challenges with corporate communications, in particular, in measuring the effectiveness of their communication channels. Through these discussions we realized that generally speaking, the further away an office is, the weaker the communication to its employees and the less engaged those employees are.

As a result of this realization, we began to envision Sparrow – a mobile application that connects employees to the heartbeat of their organization, the company intranet, wherever and whenever they were working. At DevFacto, Sparrow not only ensures that our company communications get to the right person at the right time, but it also provides detailed consumption and engagement metrics to our communications team, empowering them to strategically manage their efforts.

Most importantly, Sparrow has helped to bridge the gap between our remote workers and what makes working at DevFacto so special – our culture.

Using Sparrow, I am confident that important company-wide communications are not only received by each member of our team, but they are being read and acknowledged in a timely manner.

Dave Thomas

COO, DevFacto Technologies



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