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Conference: smilelondon 2017

Monday, November 20
London, England

If you are in internal communications you want to be informed and expert on the latest developments in social intranets and collaborative platforms. smilelondon (social media inside the large enterprise) is the premier conference in the UK for everything to do with the digital workplace and how it affects and enhances your role as internal communicator.

DevFacto is thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting our Sparrow Modern Workspace at smilelondon 2017 in London, England on November 20. smilelondon is the UK’s leading conference on social intranets and collaborative platforms.

Webinar: Rethinking the IC platform: from mass awareness tool to engaging leaders and influencers

Tuesday, November 28

One of the greatest potential opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business communication is a variation of the “80/20 rule” – leveraging relatively few key employees to drive the major organizational conversations, rather than pursuing one-size-fits-all approaches.

Indeed, research shows that as few as three percent of employees actually drive more than 90% of an organization’s conversations. But what’s involved in tapping into this informal network and harnessing it to help the organization communicate and perform more effectively?

Join Mike Klein, Principal at Changing the Terms and Chris Izquierdo, CEO at DevFacto and creator of Sparrow, as they discuss how to identify, connect and mobilize influencers to affect organizational change.


Speaker Bios:

Mike Klein is a Netherlands-based internal communication consultant and writer.  His blog, Changing The Terms, focuses on the importance of strategy to internal communication and his firm of the same name supports organizations in identifying influencers and driving strategic messages through the effective use of technology and terminology.

Mike is Regional Vice Chair of the International Association of Business Communication (IABC) in Europe – Middle East – North Africa.

Mike is an MBA graduate of London Business School. He has held senior internal communication roles at easyJet, Shell, the US Federal Government, VimpelCom, Cargill and Maersk.  Previously, Mike managed political campaigns across the United States.


Chris Izquierdo is CEO of DevFacto and creator of the Sparrow internal communication platform. He co-founded DevFacto in 2007 with a goal of creating a unique and revolutionary organization where highly intellectual and artistic IT minds could innovate and create solutions that humans love to use. Chris believed that happy employees help produce powerful results that WOW customers and he continues to pursue this belief as he drives the company direction.

Chris has significant experience working with organizations from around the world to connect their workforce through intranets, mobile apps and digital transformation. In 2016, Chris envisioned Sparrow – a measurable communication platform that employees love to use – to address a major challenge for organizations: effectively communicating to the 66% of employees not reached by the company intranet.