Discover how Sparrow can improve engagement, minimize employee turnover, and drive applicant referrals in your organization.

An App for Everyone

Branded iOS and Android Apps keep employees in the know and are easily available for download on most devices.

Drive Employee Engagement

Build a solid connection. Foster a strong sense of employee engagement by keeping your team connected to their organization. Sparrow keeps employees in the know, regardless of where or when they are working by delivering the information they need on the device they use most.

Why is Employee Engagement Important?


Engaged employees are often top performers committed to ‘going the extra mile’. As an employee becomes more engaged their absenteeism lowers and their motivation increases leading to increased productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

If employees are engaged with the organization, their job satisfaction increases. Employees that are engaged and satisfied are very invested in the success of the business and have a high level of commitment and loyalty.


Companies with more engaged employees tend to have higher profitability rates. When employees are engaged they become more productive and efficient, positively affecting the company’s bottom line.

Retention & Recruitment

When employees are satisfied and engaged they are far more likely to stay with the organization resulting in lower turnover. Coupled with retention, businesses that have a highly engaged workforce have an increased ability to attract new, qualified employees.


Engaged employees perform at a higher level and bring passion and interest to their job, which often leads to innovation in the workplace. As highly engaged employees feel they have a real stake in the organization, they strive to efficiently create new products, services and processes.

Personal Benefits

Employee engagement is a win-win for the both the employee and employer. Typically, engaged employees exhibit improved safety on the job, better health, increased happiness, advancement, and a better home life.

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