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The world has changed.

We are not talking about having summer barbecues with our friends although we miss those too. We now work in a virtual world; we have not seen a co-worker in person for several months and the next time we see them they are likely to be wearing a mask. Our internal and external meetings are virtual. Our offices are closed. During all this change, COVID-19 has exposed corporate communications tools around the world as inadequate and broken. Teams are more disparate, more fragmented. Corporate communication has never been more important, and the professional like you lack an effective corporate communication platform. We believe those who invest in communications will not just survive today’s challenges, they will thrive.

At Sparrow, we believe that focused corporate communications can be transformative. Instead of a collection of broken tools that do not work together, corporate communications should have the same power that your marketing team does. Corporate Communications should be able to reach the right employees, with the right message, on whatever platform they are using, and be able to measure every interaction. We believe that it is time to change the world of corporate communications with a true corporate communications platform that understands what it means to be a communicator.

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A Real Communications Platform

At Sparrow, we believe every person at your company matters and that means recognizing you won’t be reaching every user the same way. We provide a multi-channel publishing and engagement system that helps you get the message to them, wherever they are. Sparrow is also modular, allowing you to use the elements that you need for where you are in your communications journey.

That means whether you have an Intranet, are using Microsoft Teams, need a mobile solution, or still need to send newsletter emails, we’ve got you covered. We believe in helping you get faster, better, and more capable in as little time as possible so you can get to what’s important.

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Prove it with analytics

As communicators, we’re always asked to show how effective we’re being. We not only give you unified analytics for your Sparrow posts across our platform about how the posts are being consumed and engaged, we also have pre-publishing analytics helping you tweak the message before you ever even hit send.

We believe it’s important to think differently and see what we can figure out for you to help drive the engagement needle up significantly.



Analytics at your fingertips
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Complete Publishing Platform

Publish Once, no excuses. Quickly and easily put together the authoritative messages that will draw your people together, informing them and aligning direction. In addition, supporting multiple language and other enterprise features are just a simple click away. Once published, notifications go out to users drawing them in and together.

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Segmented. Targeted. Secure.

Sparrow’s topics and audiences system allows corporate communications teams to decide between publishing topics that everyone needs to get, where their should be an opt-in/opt-out choice, and who should be allowed to see the posts at all. Use Sparrow for keeping leadership aligned and the field engaged, across all of your channels with one system. Sparrow.

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Get Up and Running In Days, Not Months.

At Sparrow, we know how easy it is to lose momentum. We work hard to make our system as easy as possible to get you up and running.

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