Discover how Sparrow can drive brand awareness, improve social sentiment, and turn your employees into brand advocates.

Employee Advocacy

Spread the news, socially! Are your employees brand advocates? Generate positive exposure and raise awareness for your brand through digital media and social sharing. As an employee advocacy tool, Sparrow integrates with a variety of social platforms enabling your biggest internal fans to share news from Sparrow to their social feeds.

Sparrow is an exciting new concept for marketing teams.

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Track, Measure, and Improve

Set and manage KPI’s. No marketing tool would be complete without the ability to measure advocacy and return on investment. Sparrow delivers real-time data and analytics to empower proactive marketing management and ongoing improvement. Get a detailed picture of brand advocacy and social sharing – understand who, when, what, and where your news is shared.


You set the rules. We understand that not all internal communications are meant for the outside world, so Sparrow empowers marketers to control which articles are sharable and which are not.

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