Discover how Sparrow can bridge communication gaps, engage employees, and measure communications effectiveness in your organization.

Notification and Alerts

Don’t miss a beat. Leveraging SMS notifications, Sparrow informs users whenever relevant information has become available. Managers can ensure consumption of vital updates via required acknowledgement alerts.

Personalized Content

Send signal, not noise. Communications are targeted by personalized channels to define the information most important to each user.

Channel View

Your news feed, organized. A full listing of news articles relevant to you. Priority articles are highlighted to ensure nobody misses an important message while read-indicators help track which articles have been fully consumed.

News Item View

Get the whole story. Sparrow’s reading heuristics software tracks whether an article has been glanced over or fully consumed, providing valuable analytics to your organization.

Branded iOS and Android Apps

Branded iOS and Android Apps keep employees in the know and are easily available for download on most devices.

Multi System Integration

Leverage your existing investments. Sparrow integrates a number of enterprise systems into one easy-to-use platform. Communicate with your remote and field employees without adding any additional workload to your communications team.

Complete Publishing Platform

No SharePoint? No Problem! Sparrow comes with a complete publishing system, or you can integrate with your own. Go from zero to communications hero with a publishing platform in a matter of minutes.

Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Find out how Sparrow can fit into your organization to close communication gaps and enhance engagement.


Content Consumption Heuristics

Pinpoint precision. Sparrow’s sophisticated read heuristics provide in-depth analysis of specific pieces of content by tracking scroll activity and determining read patterns. Data across heuristic summaries provides a solid foundation for overall analytics.

Deep Analytics

Analytics to drive improvement.  Sparrow delivers real-time data to empower proactive communications management and ongoing improvement. Set targets for communications tactics, assess progression towards those targets, and even receive tips from Sparrow on how to best accomplish your goals based on historical data and forecasts.

Core Features

Mobile Application

Available anywhere, anytime, Sparrows easy-to-use interface pushes communication from the company intranet and other platforms to employee mobile devices.


Targeted Communications

Send signal, not noise. Communications are targeted by personalized channels to define the information most important to each user.


Notifications and Alerts

Don’t miss a beat. Leveraging push-notifications and respectful priority-based alerts, Sparrow notifies users whenever relevant information becomes available.

Multi-System Integration

Utilize as a stand-alone publishing platform or integrate Sparrow with existing systems such as SharePoint, Oracle, Dynamics, OpenText or SAP.

Content Consumption Heuristics

Sparrow provides sophisticated analysis of how end-users are engaging with specific pieces of content to empower proactive communications management.

Real-Time Micro-Dashboards

Sparrow automatically consolidates information from disparate systems and presents on an easy-to-consume micro-dashboard.

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