Discover how Sparrow can bridge communication gaps, engage employees, and measure communications effectiveness in your organization.

An Engaging Mobile App

The Sparrow mobile app allows employees to receive personalized news and other important information through the most effective communication channel available: their mobile device.

Notifications and Alerts

Don’t miss a beat. Leveraging SMS notifications, Sparrow informs users whenever relevant information has become available. Managers can ensure consumption of vital updates via required acknowledgement alerts.

Personalized Content

Send signal, not noise. Communications are targeted by personalized channels to define the information most important to each user.

Channel View

Your news feed, organized. A full listing of news articles relevant to you. Priority articles are highlighted to ensure nobody misses an important message while read-indicators help track which articles have been fully consumed.

Article View

Get the whole story. Sparrow’s reading heuristics software tracks whether an article has been glanced over or fully consumed, providing valuable analytics to your organization.

Reactions and Comments

Engage in style. Inject a little personality into your internal communications and foster engagement by enabling reactions and commenting on your articles. Sparrow reactions and commenting capabilities can be personalized to align with your exact needs.

Social Sharing

Amplify your efforts. Unlock the power of employee social advocacy and encourage your team to share what makes them proud. Feeling more private? Simply turn-off the social sharing feature and your articles remain available on Sparrow only.

A Modern Intranet

Efficient. Flexible. Effective. Sparrow intranet is simple to implement, making it a cost effective way to get the modern intranet features your organization needs:

  • mobile-first design
  • advanced analytics
  • conextualization
  • a targeted news center
  • and more!

Pair it with the Sparrow mobile app to amplify communication to non-desk employees without adding any extra workload for your teams.

A Rich Analytics Experience

Measure communications performance and make strategic decisions based on real-time data. Used with the mobile app alone or paired with Sparrow Intranet, our analytics are the key to driving strategic change with internal communication.

A Personalized Dashboard

Quick access to incredible insights. All the analytics you’re looking for in one place. Sparrow’s Analytics Dashboard provides detailed insights in an easy-to-use interface that can be personalized to your organizational needs.

Content Consumption Heuristics

Pinpoint precision. Sparrow’s sophisticated read heuristics analyze specific pieces of content by tracking scroll activity and determining read patterns.

Performance Optimization

Smart and effective content creation. Sparrow will analyze performance over time and provide tips for optimizing your communications from time of day and word count to reading-level and beyond.

Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Find out how Sparrow can fit into your organization to close communication gaps and enhance engagement.

Multi System Integration

Leverage your existing investments. Sparrow integrates a number of enterprise systems into one easy-to-use platform. Communicate with your remote and field employees without adding any additional workload to your communications team.

Complete Publishing Platform

No SharePoint? No Problem! Sparrow comes with a complete publishing system, or you can integrate with your own. Go from zero to communications hero with a publishing platform in a matter of minutes.

Take Flight Program

The Take Flight Program is designed to assist your organization in the successful implementation, roll out and utilization of the Sparrow platform.


Your Sparrow Strategy

Review your communications strategy and identify where Sparrow will fit.



Configure Sparrow to meet your exact needs.


Create a plan for the rollout of Sparrow with measurable success criteria.

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate Sparrow with your current and future data sources.

IT Integration

Seamlessly integrate Sparrow with your IT infrastructure including governance and security.


Properly and effectively train your content authors and approvers.

Try Sparrow Today

There are a variety of ways to try Sparrow, find your best fit today!