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One Platform For All Channels

Use One. Use them all. The choice is yours.

Intranet - SharePoint

Intranets are a stable of corporate life and Sparrow’s ready to bring user-targeted content and other great capabilities.

Collaboration - Microsoft Teams

Bring authoritative news to the world-class collaboration platform as well as transform it with delegated publishing, enabling different parts of the organization to contribute content. Click for More.

Mobile Apps

Sparrow’s brandable, native iOS and Android apps allow you to even reach users who aren’t in your corporate Active Directory. We give you options for reaching people, including using SharePoint Mobile or Teams Mobile

Always a part of the Sparrow Platform

Email - Newsletter

Any posts a user has missed elsewhere in Sparrow will be email to them in a personalized newsletter.

Web Portal

For users sharing a computer or when you have posts required public access so they can be shared with the world, Sparrow has you covered.


Information is power and knowing what people have been reading and engaging with is vital.

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly working on new and better ways to help communicators connect with their people and do more, with less time and effort. What’s more, your investment in Sparrow brings a wonderful stream of new capabilities to keep your channels at the top of their game.

No More Half-Measures

After many iterations of Intranets, and many different initiatives, the facts remain the same today as they have for years.


Avg % of Disengaged Employees


Avg % of Users Don't Use Intranet Daily

Avg Cost of a Disengaged Employee per year

Avg. Days to Deploy Sparrow

References [ Gallup | Forbes]

High Level Features

We have a ton of great features, here are a few highlights.


Publish Once

Easy to use multi-lingual, targeted publishing that goes across all of your channels – from Intranet, Teams, Mobile, Newsletter, and more.

Segment Your Content

Organize your content into topics and align its importance to audiences, so that every post gets to the right person.

Define Audiences

Define groups of users who can see content, could see content, or must see content.


Must-Read Content

Sparrow’s Mandatory and Compliance features make sure that users must read the content, regardless of where they are.

Multi-Lingual Content and Comments

If you’re organization has multi-lingual needs, go no further. Sparrow provides multi-lingual publishing for communicators and language-preference options for readers.



Every post can have reactions, comments, upvoting, and more.

Crisis Management

At Sparrow, we don’t just see the sunny side of communications. Check our Crisis Center functionality page for more details.


Pre-Publishing Analytics

Get an idea of how your posts are going to do even before you publish.

Analytics and Reports

From compliance reports to understanding trends to breaking down an individual post’s performance across all channels, Sparrow has it.

Why we are different

Once upon a time, we went down the path of being the best Intranet product out there. We tried to be the best mobile app out there. Then we started hearing what our customers went through every day. We stopped thinking about what we were offering and started listening to the problems communicators were trying to solve. We regrouped and decided we would focus on solving communications and connecting people, which has only become even more important due to COVID.

Everyone hates spam, yet email is still the most common communication mechanism within an organization. Hardly anyone goes to the Intranet, yet we continue to make new ones hoping THIS TIME it will be different.

We stepped back and noticed that while every organization is unique, they all need the same things:

  • a simple way to target their different audiences,
  • organize and segment their content,
  • the ability to reach people where they were spending their time (Intranet, Microsoft Teams, on mobile, or elsewhere).

We are different because we don’t look at the world through the lens of technology; we look at it through the eyes of a communicator.

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