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Simple to implement, Sparrow Intranet is an efficient and cost effective way to get the modern features you need, with more intuitive relevance to your employees: fresh, mobile-first design, rich analytics, contextualization, a targeted news centre, related content, and more.


With timely alerts, a personalized news feed and social engagement, Sparrow Mobile allows you to speak to employees on their terms with an intuitive mobile app. Stay connected to your mobile workforce without a desk or intranet access.


Say goodbye to page views with Sparrow Analytics’ depth of actionable business intelligence. Track article sentiment, topic awareness and receive detailed read analyses to monitor and improve content performance and better engage your employees.

Chris Bodnar, Director of Human Resources, Delnor Construction

“[Implementing Sparrow at Delnor] has been a very positive experience, given that effective communication was a real pinch-point expressed by our employees. Sparrow shows that we’ve heard them and we are doing something about it.”

Nick Culo, General Manager, Corporate Strategy, Marketing & Communications, Finning (Canada)

“Our workforce spends little time at a desk and it’s been a challenge to keep people informed through traditional means. Sparrow allows us to deliver information through an easy to use and engaging mobile channel. It has revolutionized the way we connect and share knowledge.”

Claire Watson, ABC, MC, APR Vice President, Strategic Communication Management, Cropley Communications


“Sparrow is the most innovative employee communication app on the market. Not only does the app aggregate content across different internal communication platforms, it is user friendly, social media enabled and constantly collects analytics that inform strategic communication planning. For senior executives and communication professionals, Sparrow is the one app that brings everything together, while measuring engagement, awareness and understanding. Investing in Sparrow might be the best business decision you’ll ever make.”


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