Discover how Sparrow can increase safety awareness to help prevent incidents.

Issue Urgent Alerts

Feel confident knowing that your message has been received. Have something important to say? Tag a message as ‘urgent’ and it will be delivered as a push notification, appearing on the recipients home screen and requiring immediate acknowledgement. Sparrow’s analytics dashboard empowers managers to track consumption of these vital updates.

Highlight Important News Items

Important messages that can’t be missed. New safety policy or other important update to share? Mark posts as ‘mandatory’ and they will be highlighted in red and will stick at the top of the timeline until it is read.

Awareness for Prevention

Awareness as a preventative measure. Like most workplace initiatives, effective employee communication and resulting high awareness of an initiative is key to its success. Change employee beliefs, perceptions and behaviors by maintaining consistent communications and measuring awareness levels.

Post-Incident Communications

Get the message out, fast. When disaster strikes, establishing communications and working to ensure the awareness and well-being of employees is a top priority. Sparrow provides a quick communication mechanism to target all or just a select few employees in your organization. Mark priority posts as important and it will be delivered as a pop-up notification, ensuring recipients get the message right away.

Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Find out how Sparrow can fit into your organization to close communication gaps and enhance engagement.


Content Consumption Heuristics

Pinpoint precision. Sparrow’s sophisticated read heuristics provide in-depth analysis of specific pieces of content by tracking scroll activity and determining read patterns. Data across heuristic summaries provides a solid foundation for overall analytics.

Deep Analytics

Analytics to drive improvement.  Sparrow delivers real-time data to empower proactive communications management and ongoing improvement. Monitor employee awareness levels of specific topics, schedule communications to increase awareness, and measure progression towards your targets.

How Can Sparrow Work for Safety and Operations?

Replace Ineffective Platforms

Information shared on bulletin boards, intranets, or even email is easily ignored, lost in the shuffle and simply not measurable.

Broadcast Safety News

Work with peace of mind knowing that important safety notifications have been received.

Engage Field Workers

Connect with those employees that are always on the move and don’t have regular access to a desktop.

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