Sparrow improves corporate communication and drives employee engagement in all sorts of ways across all industries.

Sparrow's Beginnings

DevFacto Technologies launched in 2007 with a single mantra: “Happy Employees Create Happy Customers.” By creating and maintaining an exceptional workspace and award-winning culture, we knew that our team members would look forward to coming to work and would feel empowered to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

As our business grew, it became difficult to discern if our entire team was receiving the messages they were supposed to, if they were engaged in those messages, and if they still felt connected to the organization as a whole.


Building Connections at Delnor Construction

For over 30 years, Delnor has provided professional construction services to a wide range of organizations and institutions across Alberta. Their business philosophy is to build relationships, not just buildings, and that philosophy drove them to choose Sparrow for better connecting their entire organization.


Finning Canada

Finning uses Sparrow to open communication channels with employees working in field based positions, gaining opportunities to inform and engage wherever they may be working.


How Can Sparrow Work for You?

Sparrow delivers a number of opportunities for any organization to improve their corporate communications, resulting in improved employee engagement, enhanced corporate culture and more.

Engage Field Workers

Connect with those employees that are always on the move and don’t have regular access to a desktop.

Improve Mailing Lists

Send signal, not noise, by replacing generic company-wide emails with targeted communication channels.


Broadcast Safety News

Work with peace of mind knowing that important safety notifications have been received.

Enhance Intranets

Provide contextual information and collect valuable analytics to make strategic improvements.

Replace Bulletin Boards

Get the right information to the right people when they need it most.

Extend Corporate Culture

Enhance the sense of connection between on-the-go employees and what makes your organization special – your culture.


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