ask adviceSparrow is a tool that is used to facilitate and measure communications and engagement within your organization. This Sparrow Author Advice series will help you to create posts that get opened, that get read, and encourage reader engagement.

Whether you’re communicating with co-workers you see every day, or with field workers you’ve never met in person, your well-crafted Sparrow posts will help readers feel more connected to the organization and to each other.

As a Sparrow author, you create content that is intended to both inform and engage workers, and it will be up to you to make sure that your posts have their intended effect.


So What’s the Big Deal? Sparrow Posting is Simple, Right?

Well, it’s true that anyone can create and publish a Sparrow post, but creating a post that is designed to achieve a specific result is a little more challenging.

When you publish a post, it’s a lot like creating a radio broadcast. Sure, your content was sent, but did it have the intended effect? Have your posts engaged your readers, and how are you to know?

To help answer these questions, Sparrow uses sophisticated analytics to monitor your posts and track which ones are being read. These analytics will tell you whether users are simply skimming your content, reading it intently, or ignoring it altogether. And they’ll also tell you how people are reacting to your posts by capturing “likes,” “dis-likes,” and other reader reactions.

When analytics show that people are consistently opening your posts, reading them, and providing you with reactions, you’ve successfully engaged your audience.

Congratulations, that’s exactly what you want!

But what if your readers aren’t engaged? Is there anything that you can do about? Fortunately, there is.


Creating Posts that Engage Your Readers

You can make your post content more engaging by using a few post “copywriting” skills that are simple to learn and put into practice.

Copywriting is the skill of persuading through copy, which in your case is your Sparrow post content, whether it be video, images, simple text, or a combination of media types.

So, what are you trying to “persuade” your reader to do? Well, that depends on the purpose of your posts. In some cases you’ll simply want to casually inform your readers, while in others you’ll want them to take specific actions like offering their reactions or performing a specified task.

Regardless of the intent of your posts, copywriting skills can help you create content that gets the results you set out to achieve.

The information in this “Author Guidance” series will help you learn these simple copywriting skills and apply them when creating your Sparrow posts.

It’s our sincere desire to help you create powerful and effective Sparrow posts, and this series presenting Sparrow author advice is intended to do just that.

Get started by reading the post titled, “Sparrow Post Structure and Components,” that will introduce you to the parts of a post and the role that each play in promoting post engagement.

Then, in the rest of this on-going series, you’ll learn specific copywriting skills and get practical advice on how to create Sparrow posts that inform, engage, and help to promote effective communications in your organization.

Happy posting!

Sparrow Author Advice Post Index:

1. Sparrow Post Structure and Components

2. Attention Grabbing Post Images

3. Writing a Post Title That Can’t Be Ignored

4. Congruence – Delivering on Expectations

5. Post Bodies That are Good Enough for Beach Wear

6. The Call to Action: You Can Get What You Want