Sparrow Connected Workplace is available to all businesses for free


Sparrow is FREE for all businesses until the end of June 2020.

In the midst of COVID-19, companies rely on digital tools such as Sparrow for communicating with employees on a regular basis. Reaching all of your workforce in this challenging time is critical. That’s why we’re giving you Sparrow for free through June 2020.

Sparrow for Internal Communications during Crisis: Free Through June 30

Keeping your employees informed, connected and engaged matters more than ever. We want to help you reach your employees effectively, regardless where they are. That’s why, we’re making Sparrow mobile free during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s right, it’s completely free. With Sparrow, you can send important news and updates directly to your employees mobile phones keeping your tribe connected during the crisis. Here are some of the things you can do with Sparrow mobile:

What’s more, you can start using Sparrow mobile in less than 3 days.


Send Messages

Deliver messages to mobile devices both inside and outside your organization to communicate with your internal audiences and external stakeholders.

Highlight Urgency

Indicate important information with mandatory posts which stay at the top of employees feeds until they are read.

Request Action

Get employees to acknowledge important changes such as policy updates with compliance posts, then easily track and report compliance. 

Make your Updates Beautiful

Create media rich posts with embedded images and video to engage your audiences. 

Target Audiences

Deliver your messages to the right people. Create audience groups to ensure your communication is always relevant to your audience.


Measure the Impact

Measure the impact of communication with extensive reports to support informed decision making. 

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the game. A lot. What can you do?

In times of crisis, when normal business is not normal, and the usual models fall apart, organizations are tasked with maintaining calm and preserving value for their companies.  Those organizations that not only show resilience but also adapt quickly to changing needs and achieving their goals in novel ways will position themselves for post-traumatic success.


Sparrow is a rapidly deployable communication platform that’s capable of providing a layer of trust and assurance throughout your organization.  Whether its issuing time-sensitive information or pushing out safety updates and ensuring they’ve been read, Sparrow’s built to handle these critical communications.  And many companies are turning to Sparrow to quickly implement this comprehensive communication platform that addresses internal communications to help in today’s crisis.


Sparrow available to all businesses for free

Coronavirus & Internal Communications: what you need to know.

As the COVID-19 cases increase, businesses are concerned with the welfare of their employees, while at the same time rethinking how to work and survive through this crisis. The current situation has made remote work a real possibility. Employees are looking for clear guidance while working through this. Misinformation in the workplace can become rampant, making your employees feel stressed and insecure.  Here are 5 things you can implement in your organization to help weather the coronavirus storm.



Get Up and Running With Sparrow in Days

A crisis rarely comes announced. Sparrow can help when you need a solution in a pinch. We’ll help you deploy the mobile-only part of the platform in as little as 2-3 days, and the Sparrow Connected Intranet + Mobile in only a few more.


“The Hub [Our Sparrow Intranet and mobile] has proven invaluable during our response to COVID-19. It’s the recognized spot for getting valid info. We’ve doubled the number of people on the mobile app too in recent days. It’s a great tool. Essential.”

Manager, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
Hamilton Health Services



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