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A Quick Intro to Sparrow

Meet Sparrow in 60 seconds. A quick overview of our award winning platform. Learn how you can send the right message to the right employees on multiple channels while measuring every single interaction. 

MySparrow End-User Tutorial

Discover the amazing power of Sparrow for Teams’ My Sparrow tab and how it’s going to help you communicate with your entire workforce. (approx. 5 minutes)

When You Need Agreement: Compliance Posts

Do you have content that you not only need people to see but to explicitly agree to? Are you emailing around a policy update and manually determining who has and hasn’t complied? Well, check out the Feature presentation of Compliance in Sparrow. (approx. 8 min)

Webinar: Bringing Authoritative Communications to Microsoft Teams

How has Microsoft Teams changed corporate communications and how can we provide authoritative voice in a collaboration platform? Join Adam Zouak of Sparrow and special guest Priya Bates of Inner Strength Communications for a solid presentation and discussion. (approx. 50 min)

Webinar: How PWT Built an Award Winning Communications Centre of Excellence

How to tackle internal communications with a large, diverse employee base and thousands of remote workers? Watch our webinar to learn how PWT, Canada’s largest people transportation company, built a Communications Centre of Excellence to keep their staff informed and engaged. Produced back when Sparrow was a part of DevFacto Technologies. (approx. 16min)

Webinar: What to Measure

Measuring the impact of internal communication took a huge leap forward with the development of draft standards. Most communicators say they need and want guidance in this crucial area. Deciding what, why and how to measure, however, can be challenging. Join Sean Williams, Vice President at True Digital Communications, internationally-acclaimed expert, member of the Institute for PR Measurement Commission, and member of the PR News Measurement Hall of Fame, along with Laura Konsorada, Marketing Director at DevFacto Technologies, creators of Sparrow Modern Workplace, for this informative webinar. Produced when Sparrow was a part of DevFacto Technologies. (approx. 47min)

Sparrow for Teams

A quick introduction to Sparrow for Microsoft Teams (approx. 1.5min)

The Cracked Egg Ep.1 – Multi-Lingual Content

We believe that laughing and learning is the best way. Here with OVER THE TOP style is a quick overview of where we stand when it comes to Multi-Lingual content. (approx. 2min)

The Cracked Egg ep.2 – Mandatory and Compliance

Do you send content out and nobody looked at it? What do you do when it’s really, really, really important? Well, we have a few over-the-top thoughts on that. (approx. 2min)

A Classic Overview of Sparrow

When we started we put together a great little video to share who we are. We’ve grown up since then, from a mobile-centric solution to a mobile + Intranet, to a full on communications platform that reaches across all channels. That said, it’s still worth a look. (approx. 1.5min)

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